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Past SecurNEWS Newsletters


May 2011

* DHS Implements New Terror Alert System

* SOCMA Welcomes Second House Panel Vote Extending Chemical Security Rules

* NLRB Will Sue Two States Over Union Laws

* Discharging an employee for threats or violence is not unlawful

* Upcoming CFATS & Strike Webinars

April 2011

* SOCMA Urges Congress to Approve Long-Term Extension of CFATS

* Bill to Tighten Hospital Security Clears California Legislative Panel

* Food Processing Plant Damages

* Hospital Could Unilaterally Ban Unionized Workforce from Smoking

* Upcoming CFATS & Strike Webinars

March 2011

* Duo Bills Would Extend Chemical Facility Security Law

* Unions Debate What to Give to Save Bargaining

* Preventing workplace violence in the healthcare industry

* NLRB threatens suit over union ballots

* Upcoming CFATS & Strike Webinars

February 2011

* US union membership dropped 4% in 2010

* Employee behaviors that serve as warning signs of violence

* UAW making pitch to organize ‘transplants’

* Court Holds Labor Picketing Laws Unconstitutional

* Upcoming CFATS & Strike Webinars

January 2011

* Hyatt uses YouTube in contract talks

* NLRB Will Require Electronic Posting of Notices

* NACD signs amicus brief in NLRB case involving union access to workplace

* A Coworker Pulls Out a Gun. Now What?

* Upcoming CFATS & Strike Webinars

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