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Click on a question to read our answer about working with us in the capacity of a healthcare employment agency:

Pay rates are set per job action and can vary based on situational factors. We do not post our rate on this web page as it could cause difficulties for our clients in their union contract negotiations. Please call 1-866-903-7267 and speak with a Huffmaster recruiter for this specific information.

Unless the strike is for a specific length of time, such as a 1 day strike, or 3 day strike, we always ask for a two-week minimum commitment.

This varies by assignment. The minimum per full week of work is 60 hours; however assignments can be up to 12 hour shifts 7 days per week. Please refer to individual job postings for the specific number of hours.

Every job action is unique. Depending on the specific job assignment we may offer reimbursement and/or license you for that state. In some states we are able to license you on the day you arrive, some are compact states in which there is reciprocity, and some we may be able to license you in advance. Based upon the location and individual job actions, licensing instructions are provided. If we are going to reimburse licenses, it must be preapproved in advance and must include an original receipt in order to be reimbursed. We will reimburse licensing expenses for candidates with complete files and have been notified they are confirmed and on the schedule.

You can be placed on the availability list by your request. In order to be scheduled on a job you must have a completed file including current licenses/certifications and supporting documents such as Titers/immunizations, TB test and physical. You can request to be put on a job assignment in one of two ways, you can use the online application/employee system. If this is your first time, complete an online application for the specific assignment you want to be considered for. If you are a returning employee you can either, log into the system and choose the new assignment you want to request or, you can be placed on a new assignment by calling our office at 866-903-7267 and speaking to a recruiter.

It is our policy at Huffmaster to place candidates who meet the job criteria with completed profiles on the schedule first. We feel that those who respond first with completed profiles should be placed first. We do not subscribe to favoritism.

We provide round trip airfare. Your airline ticket is a prepaid E Ticket waiting for you at the airport. Upon arrival at the destination city, a Huffmaster representative is waiting there for you to transport you to the hotel. We provide you with cell phone numbers of both our Travel Coordinator and our Director of Ground Transportation should you incur any difficulties throughout your travel and the duration of the job action as well.

Most airlines now charge for luggage. Huffmaster will reimburse you for one checked bag on your flight to the job site and again on the way home. At this time airlines do not allow for prepayment of luggage fees, therefore, please save your receipt on your flight to the job site, and we will reimburse you the luggage fee during your in processing. Outbound luggage fees will be paid prior to leaving the hotel for your return flight.

We provide shared hotel rooms, never more than 2 per room. Whenever possible we use major hotel chains, the only exception is when a facility is in a very small town. We never book anyone into a hotel we aren’t willing to stay in ourselves.

At Huffmaster we strive for excellence in service to our clients and our employees. Our documentation is and has always been beyond reproach. As supplemental staff during a job action there can be no room for error. We research and verify all documents presented to us up to and including verifying certifications with the American Heart Association. We take the “CYA” approach in all that we do just as we expect our employees to do as well.

Yes! Our clients are required to provide security at the facility as well as during transit. We at Huffmaster also provide our own Corporate Security Detail who is on duty 24 hours a day at the housing location.

File preparation and updating is an ongoing process. Our records department works diligently to process all data received and then notifies each candidate of items needed via phone or email, whichever you prefer. To keep your file up to date, you can update your online profile whenever an item expires.

When attending orientation, the dress is business casual. Please no open toed shoes. During the strike personnel should wear scrubs and closed toed shoes.

Because we are staying in hotels and have shared rooms, we cannot accommodate pets.

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